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In-house tool engineering & tool shop

For over 70 years Meldon has designed and manufactured all tools required for the extrusion process. This 70 years of experience is reflected in our intelligence solutions which reduce the lead time of the development process. We can respond immediately to customer requirements and possible malfunctions. And you are guaranteed continuity.

In-house plastics development

We develop PVC Compounds ourselves, according to our own recipe! Meldon compounds both rigid PVC and soft PVC. Thanks to our modern mixing plant, we can continue to produce PVC-Compounds in line with the market. By doing so, we can make innovative products for you as a customer. Meldon develops and produces PVC-Compounds in many types and with a variety of properties which exactly meet the desired characteristics for a variety of industrial sectors.

Logistical capabilities

As a customer, you want your goods as quickly as possible. We understand. Meldon has its own warehouse and here we ensure optimum stock levels. Our network of suppliers, smart working methods and systems enable us to anticipate bottlenecks and guarantee continuity.

Discussion partner at all levels

That all the elements for the right final product should form one whole is obvious. But so is cooperation. Meldon works in a multidisciplinary way. This means everyone specialises in a different field and together we are one team. This makes us your partner at all levels!


Are you at the start of the development phase of a new product? Let Meldon think along! By being involved at an early stage, we help achieve the best end result as a strategic partner.

And trustworthy

Not only did we set up a new production line in no time. Production at Meldon runs 24-7! We have our own PVC compounding and granulation plant, measuring room, tool shop and technical service. This means that we can guarantee maximum delivery reliability and quality.


Zwembadafdekkingen, sanitaire koppelingen, beschermstrips voor je bagage, ruitenwisser hulzen en nog veel meer. Bij Meldon ontwikkelen we niet zomaar kunststof onderdelen. We are only satisfied with the absolute best, most…