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What is extrusion?

Plastic extrusion is the process of transforming melted plastic into an endless profile that can be adapted to the right dimensions. An extruder turns the grains of plastic – granulate – into a melted mixture.

The mixture is then piped through a die with the aid of a heating element and a revolving screw. Once the material has been piped through the die, it reaches the calibrating appliance. There, a vacuum ensures a correct, consistent shape. In the previous steps, the profile is often still hot, but the calibrating appliance cools the product and ensures it is the right size.

Multiple Extrusion

As well as single extrusion, i.e., extrusion using one kind of material, Meldon also uses multiple extrusion processes (co-extrusion, tri-extrusion and even quattro-extrusion). Multiple extrusion means that a profile is shaped by means of several machines and various plastic flows simultaneously.


Hybrid Profile

As well as extruding various plastics into a profile, Meldon can also add other materials, such as metal or fibers, to the extrusion process. We call that process hybrid extrusion. By adding things like steel band, aluminum band, or reinforcing wires during the extrusion process, we can combine the good properties and mask the disadvantages of each different material. Meldon chooses the most suitable extrusion method, depending on the use of the product. It is preferable to extrude the profile, finish and treat its surface with highly accurate mechanical processes, during a single manufacturing procedure. No more need for expensive finishing!

In-line treatments

If possible, we will combine additional treatments to our extrusion process (in-line), which cuts the costs of extra actions. Solutions such as punching, cutting, drilling, sawing, printing, and applying adhesive tape or protective film, are the basic technical options we offer. In-line laser treatments are another option.[:]


Materials and color effects

There are stringent requirements for certain product properties. The guidelines for the automotive industry are not the same as the guidelines for white goods. That’s only logical. That’s why Meldon works with a very varied range of materials including: TPU, polycarbonate, PMMA, ABS, (glass-filled) polypropylene, polystyrene, rigid and soft PVC (from our own compounder department), polyethylene, ABS/PC blends, TPE, TPO and ‘green’ plastics.

In addition, Meldon can offer a diverse array of colors and structures. We can make them translucent, opaque, diffuse, solid color, metallic, gloss or matte. And that’s why we can say: we have the right solution for any design you want!



A custom-made extrusion line for your product

Since 1949, Meldon has accumulated mayor experience over a wide playing field. Whether it’s our high-end, off-the-shelf products Or specialist, custom-made solutions – We keep expanding and deepening our product knowledge based on the latest developments in the market. You can find out more about our specialist approach and our solutions for various industries below.



What does Meldon make?

  • Designer profiles for things like suitcases
  • Profiles, drive belts for conveyor belts
  • Parts for the automotive industry, caravans, and agricultural applications
  • Seal profiles for a variety of industrial applications
  • Designer profiles for things like suitcases and awnings



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