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Ask about our offer high-end extrusion conveyor belt profiles. Used worldwide, unique performance and very wide choice of conveyor belt profiles. Think of: cleats, sidewalls and different types of drive belts such as V-block and round belts. Need something specific made-to-measure? We are happy to think along with you.


Nutrok® & Unitrok® Meldon’s own brands



Do you build machines, manufacture conveyor belts or work for a ready-made-products manufacturer in the conveyor-belt industry? Meldon has more than 30 years of experience in extruding profiles for plastic conveyor belts. That means that, in this field, you will be working with a party that was at the birth of conveyor-belt profiles now used around the globe. Our innovative PVC and TPU profiles were the first, anywhere in the world, to comply with the stringent EU and FDA standards in the food industry (and we are immensely proud of that!).

Meldon guarantees absolute top quality. Our profiles perform optimally: food is processed safely and effectively, and the composition of the materials – and our high-grade production process – guarantee that the profiles have a firm grip on the belt. And it’s not just the food industry: call in Meldon for applications for non-food, agriculture, and recycling too. We can offer you smart, off-the-shelf solutions.

Would you like to know more about our own brands Nutrok® and Unitrok®?

  • Short delivery times due to off-the-shelf supplies
  • Maximum efficiency during processing
  • Durable quality and long service life
  • The best value for your money




The PVC and TPU profiles for the food-conveyor-belt industry must comply fully with stringent safety standards. Meldon’s profiles meet those standards. In addition, our operations follow the international guidelines for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). These innovative profiles have been designed to meet high standards. Nutrok® enables manufacturers to process food on conveyor belts extremely reliably and safely.

Nutrok®: Our PVC and TPU cleats and guide ropes are the first to demonstrably comply with all strict international food safety standards




We have added innovative profiles, specifically created for the non-food industry, to our product range under the brand name Unitrok®. Unitrok® has the same product properties as Nutrok® and accordingly guarantees maximum efficiency during processing, including easy weldability. Moreover, we can guarantee a much longer service, thanks to its optimal durability, tear resistance and pliability.

Nice to know:

The conveyor-belt industry is known for the short response and delivery times. We keep extensive stocks in our warehouse to meet those urgent demands. We have an advanced ERP system so that we know exactly which Nutrok® and Unitrok® products we have in stock. The products are all packaged in ISPN wrapping for very quick, trouble-free shipping.