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Since 1949, Meldon has accumulated mayor experience over a wide playing field. Whether it's high-end products from stock or specialist customised solutions, Meldon does it. We keep expanding and deepening our product knowledge based on the latest developments in the market.

Since 1949, Meldon has accumulated mayor experience over a wide playing field. Whether it’s high-end products from stock or specialist customised solutions,


Plastic parts for the mobility industry

Whether it’s cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, or railway conveyances: all these industries are advancing at high-speed following developments in energy efficiency, and are now concentrating on the manufacture of lighter, more efficient vehicles. Thanks to our skill in plastic-extrusion technology, we can support that advance and make a major contribution to making our customers’ product developments a success.

As we are at the forefront of material development and extrusion technology, we can offer solutions that reduce manufacturing times, reduce costs, and produce better vehicles. After all: the future is electric. More and more automotive manufacturers are focusing their attention on electrically powered vehicles. Accordingly, Meldon is aiming to make the parts lighter to maximize efficiency. It’s very simple: the lighter the vehicle, the farther it can go.

If light-weight plastic profiles are used to replace heavier metal parts, Meldon can help manufacturers achieve a competitive edge. Our lightweight, plastic and hybrid profiles help make vehicles more efficient and are an essential factor in the construction of the cars of the future. Our extremely accurate extruded profiles can be made exactly to your specifications.

Meldon has IATF certification, and consistently works according to the Automotive Core Tools (APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA). 


Perfect solutions for logistic systems

The need to find the right logistic goods flow has gathered pace in recent years. Companies are realizing that it is becoming increasingly important to organize their logistic processes as efficiently as possible. You can save time, space and money with smart logistic systems and machines. Meldon has years of experience with smart extrusion solutions, especially for internal logistic systems, and so we can offer our very diverse customer group innovative, and highly efficient systems. You will find our solutions all around the world, in places like airports, in their baggage transport systems, and at manufacturing plants and distribution centers, incorporated into their horizontal and vertical conveyor systems.

The chances are that your suitcase, can of coke, bag of M&Ms, or your parcel from Zalando has passed along a unique system fitted with Meldon extrusion solutions.


Extruded profiles for the white-goods industry and household devices

As a development partner for our customers, Meldon can help with creating extruded profiles for the white-goods industry. Key to this is the functionality of the product. In other words, it is important that Meldon is involved in the development process at an early stage. The earlier we are called in, the more valuable our contribution can be to creating a successful product.
By using hybrid extrusion for white goods, Meldon can make it possible to create, for those extruded products, a visibly and tangibly sleek, strong profile. Meldon has its own tool-manufacturing workshop and over 27 extrusion lines, so we have no end of possibilities for creating the right materials and treatments for your white-goods equipment.[:]


Custom-built systems for window shades

We create durable, functional plastic parts for leading brands. We only use materials of the very highest grade. We work very closely with developers and manufacturers during the development process {MQ}to achieve the best possible end results.[:]

[:en]Key to this process is finding the right combination of materials. Color fidelity and the effects of UV light on the material and its resistance to changes in temperature; the functionality (fit, form and function) of the extruded part, the revolving and rolling mechanisms and counterweights – all choices that set the mood in any space.
Meldon is accustomed to sharing views and considerations about all the aspects that are relevant to the process. This leads to:

  • Extruded products that suit the specified design and functionality
  • Profiles with easy maintenance



Unique profiles for pool covers

Here at Meldon, we are extremely skilled in developing and manufacturing polycarbonate profiles. Today’s most relevant themes in the pool and leisure industry are energy savings and safety. We work with specialists from this industry to create several polycarbonate extruded profiles that comply with the most stringent safety and insulation standards. This production process is ‘state-of-the-art’ in Europe and guarantees compliance with the high quality requirements. Our smart logistic arrangements mean that we take absolutely all the work involved off your hands. You, as our customer, can rely on us and find peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on your core operations. In addition, these aspects mean that we can supply our products very rapidly![:]

[:en]We have an advanced scheduling and manufacturing process, which, combined with our extremely exacting standards of quality, mean we can deliver ‘just-in-time’ with perfect color consistency. As a result, you, our customer, are not limited in terms of time, space, or flexibility.In fact, remaining batches of stock can be combined with other batches without any problem. And that’s very environmentally friendly![:]

Would you like to find out how Meldon can help your business? Let’s schedule an appointment to discuss your wishes.