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‘If it were up to us, you’d come and work for us.’

We realize that we’re not the ones to make that call. There’s plenty of work for you out there. Isn’t there? And everyone’s saying the same thing: ‘We can offer this, and we are looking for that…’ We’re doing the opposite because we’d like to know what you want.

Take a look at our job postings
Take a look at our job postings

Do you believe in fairy tales?

Andrea Poen Junior teamleider

In early 2020, my life was suddenly turned upside down. I was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and began a lengthy course of treatment. Twelve months later, I had a medical to assess my health for work; the conclusion was that I could not go back to my old job of operator. So, while things were bad enough already with the cancer, I now had to worry about my future, my job, and my income too.

I ended up on a ‘second track’ at Stap Nu, where they were very helpful in supervising my return to work. My coach, Dyon Klaassen, and I had a look at what would, and would not, suit my personal work capacity and what I wanted to do. Although we focused on finding another job, I still hoped, and longed, to be able to stay at Meldon Plastics | Extrusion Intelligence. And, after much blood, sweat and tears, as I proceeded along the ‘track’, my wish had more and more chance of becoming a reality. Little by little I began to recover, the results from the hospital were favorable and I started to work more and more hours at my old job.

Now almost 2.5 years after diagnosis, I have managed to fully reintegrate. I’m so proud of that achievement. And I’m grateful too: grateful that I was able to survive it all, physically and mentally. Grateful that I’m surrounded by people who are there for me, through thick and thin. But also grateful that I have an employer who supported me, and allowed me the time and space to recover.

That’s my personal fairy tale. In conclusion, I can tell that after an internal application at Meldon, I will advance to the position of junior team leader. I have got my life back, and it’s even better than I could have imagined. Now I have the courage and confidence to focus on this wonderful new challenge.

As soon as I walk in here, it feels like coming home. I can't describe it any other way, that is genuinely how it feels to me.

Ivar Holla Teamleider

I joined Meldon in 2019 through a recruiter. My initial motivations for applying were travel distance and salary. But these arguments soon changed to a better feeling. I immediately noticed the small-scale and social character of the company. The lines between colleagues are short and there’s a personal approach to things. Which made my choice very easy. And I have never regretted it. The job is exactly as expected, I am more challenged and given more responsibility than at my previous employers.

My work involves making difficult decisions. Because of the family atmosphere at Meldon, it’s easy to discuss this with colleagues. I stand among my colleagues, we do it together. My door is always open and colleagues regularly drop by for a conversation. If necessary, I switch directly to our HR department and help is offered. And that works exactly the same for me towards my own manager. Meldon has real attention for people.

Meldon gives me energy. Working here has a positive impact on me that extends beyond the workplace.

Robert Wattimena Junior teamleider

I chose Meldon for several reasons, both personal and job-related. The location is convenient for me in terms of travel distance and the five-shift operation suits me. In addition, the machines and the process really appealed to me. I started as an operator.

After that, things moved quickly at Meldon. I was promoted to junior team leader within two years You are given enough space and opportunities, as long as you show commitment. That is a big difference from what I have experienced at other companies.

In my current position, I am also the person ultimately responsible outside office hours. Meaning I am involved and familiar with the process at all times. That’s something I really want. My involvement and commitment is appreciated, I receive compliments regularly. Structural progress meetings are held. During these talks, everything is shared with you. You get feedback on what is going well, and what could be improved. I find these discussions very pleasant, because together we optimize.

There is a very nice atmosphere in my own team. We have a nice mix of young and experienced people, who complement each other and help where necessary. Besides being responsible for production, I am also responsible for the team. A task I take very seriously. I want to know how the people in my team are doing. I find it important to show interest in them. A simple question can result in a lot of positive energy, reflecting on everyone.

If you are productive, you are in the right place.

Jerry Schuurman Productiemedewerker, in opleiding tot operator

I have only been with Meldon for a short time. I joined the company in the beginning of 2022 through the employment agency. Recently, I was hired by Meldon itself.

I like variety in my work and weekly rhythm. That’s why the five-shift system really appealed to me. In addition, the travel distance was an advantage for me. When I started, the greater benefits of working at Meldon became clear to me as well. I am currently taking operator training; something that is supported and encouraged from all sides. At Meldon you are allowed and motivated to grow, if you are open to it.

I have worked in production companies before, but I have never felt so involved with the product. At Meldon, this is exactly what is expected of me. And it actually comes naturally. As soon as you complete the required measurement course, you are immediately given that responsibility. When I notice differences in the production process, I consult my colleagues to solve things together. I am lucky to work with a team of very nice and skilled people. I really feel at home here. I like the pleasant contact among colleagues, and the fact that, for example, the director also just walks around the shop floor from time to time supports that feeling. I’m not used to that and it makes me feel good.

Meldon summarized in one sentence? I’ll do it in one word: fun. I really enjoy it here.

I definitely recommend Meldon as an internship placement. You receive the responsibility and chance to really make a difference.

Siem van der Zeeuw Stagiaire

I already knew Meldon as a company because I’m from the region myself. The characteristic building on the industrial estate just stands out. In the second year of my education (technical business administration) I was allowed to start my internship immediately. Even though I knew Meldon, I didn’t know what exactly they did. I wondered if there would be a fit, so off I went for an interview. After two interviews, it was clear that this would be my internship.

In the very first interview I stood in front of a whiteboard with Stan, my internship supervisor. Together we brainstormed about possible internship assignments, which was great to do. We decided my assignment would be to analyze the internal supply of the raw material (granulate). All the way from warehouse to production, because we saw room for improvement there. It was clear beforehand that this was an interesting assignment. Not only useful for Meldon, but also a lot of fun for me.

This is my first internship so I have no comparison, but I can say I really like the company. The operation of the machines intrigues me, it’s a beautiful process just to look at this while standing in front of a machine. In addition, people are very approachable. I can ask anyone questions about the operation or the process.

I see Stan every day and can ask my questions whenever I want. And, most importantly, I am given all the responsibility and space to work out my assignment.

Training at Meldon

Are you looking for a work placement? Meldon can help! Thanks to all the professional men and women who work at Meldon every day, we can offer you an excellent base for learning and developing. And they would love the chance to show you what the job entails.

We are an approved work placement company and can offer options at all levels. Would you like to use your knowledge to help Meldon develop further, and learn from Meldon at the same time?

Are you looking for a fun, and especially instructive, work placement? Then you have come to the right address here at Meldon. Use the contact button below to reply, and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

Training at Meldon

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