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/01 Whitepaper Home Appliance

Discover the possibilities of extrusion

The consumer expectations for household appliances keep increasing. And how can you adapt your product to meet these expectations? No worries, we are here to help. Download our whitepaper about the most recent developments of extrusion in household appliances. 

Here is an quick overview of the contents:

  • Trends in household appliances
  • Solutions for reducing loss of cooling energy
  • High-quality materials as the foundation for high-quality appliances
  • Noise reduction, durability and aesthetics
  • All about co-extrusion, tri-extrusion and quatro-extrusion

“Meldon is absolutely the specialist of choice for extruded profiles.”

 — Peter Feldhaus, Vorwerk

Our whitepaper is completely free, you just need to send your email address so we can send you the complete whitepaper. It should help you to develop better home appliance products. Download the free whitepaper now by clicking here

With Meldon we help a lot of company’s such as Vorwerk, BASF, Samsonite, Led Linear and Bosch to develop their products with our extrusion intelligence. Find below some reviews from happy customers:

“They didn’t promise us the moon – just the opposite, in fact: Meldon told us that if they thought it wasn’t going to work, they would say so. And that’s what we want to hear.” — Felix Kuepper, Led Linear

”The partnership with Meldon accelerates time to market.” — Felix Herbst, BASF

You can read more cases over here or get in touch with one of our experts right away. So we can give you the answers to your questions


Quality awareness

Meldon has partnerships with Major OEMs, and with a good reason. We follow the latest quality guidelines and adhere to the most stringent quality standards in our work. Below you find some of our quality certificates:

Download the free whitepaper