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‘If it were up to us, you’d come and work for us.’

We realize that we’re not the ones to make that call. There’s plenty of work for you out there. Isn’t there? And everyone’s saying the same thing: ‘We can offer this, and we are looking for that…’ We’re doing the opposite because we’d like to know what you want.

Take a look at our job postings
Take a look at our job postings
Jolanda Konings HR-manager

What else will it take to convince you to come and work for us?

We really do want to know what you’ll say! Perhaps you want several things – we don’t care, it’s all good. We already know that we have a job for you.

Working for Meldon says something about you. You want to be part of a friendly, close-knit group of people who have a clear goal. You want to add something to a product, offer added value to our customers. Big-name brands from demanding markets apply our expertise and manufactured goods to innovate their own products. That means we learn together with them and expand our knowledge, which enables us to grow. We are this permanent base, a great place where you can work on your own development, and on Meldon’s. That is what Meldon is, and our ambition is our key building block.

What are you looking for?

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Do you believe in fairy tales?

Andrea Poen Junior teamleider

In early 2020, my life was suddenly turned upside down. I was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer and began a lengthy course of treatment. Twelve months later, I had a medical to assess my health for work; the conclusion was that I could not go back to my old job of operator. So, while things were bad enough already with the cancer, I now had to worry about my future, my job, and my income too.

I ended up on a ‘second track’ at Stap Nu, where they were very helpful in supervising my return to work. My coach, Dyon Klaassen, and I had a look at what would, and would not, suit my personal work capacity and what I wanted to do. Although we focused on finding different work, I still hoped, and longed, to be able to stay at Meldon Plastics | Extrusion Intelligence. And, after much blood, sweat and tears, as I proceeded along the ‘track’, my wish had more and more chance of becoming a reality. Bit by bit, my health returned, the results from the hospital were favorable and I started to work more and more hours in my old job.

Now, nearly 2.5 years after I got the diagnosis, I have managed to make a full return to work. I’m so proud of that achievement. But I’m grateful too: Grateful that I was able to survive it all, physically and mentally. Grateful that I’m surrounded by people who are there for me, through thick and thin. But also grateful that I have an employer who supported me, and allowed me the time and space to recover.

That’s my personal fairy tale. And to round it all off, I can finally say that I replied to an internal job vacancy at Meldon, and as of 1 July, I will be promoted to Junior Team Manager. I have got my life back, and it’s even better than I could have imagined. Now I have the courage and confidence to focus on this wonderful new challenge.

Stan Erens Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Together, we are Meldon

‘Meldon! A dynamic family business in the town of Nieuw-Bergen, in the Dutch province of Limburg. We have a team of more than 90 employees, who are all specialists in their professional fields. Our shared goal is to design and produce high-grade, custom-made plastic extruded profiles – products everybody comes across regularly in their daily lives, whether they are aware of it or not.

At Meldon, there is plenty of scope for independent work and for engaging in personal development. As a business, we are continually developing, and that means you do too! We support our employees and like to invest in training and personal development wherever it is needed. In addition, our staff association hosts various activities each year for everyone here. Well, we understand that you don’t want to miss them!’

Training at Meldon

Are you looking for a work placement? Meldon can help! Thanks to all the professional men and women who work at Meldon every day, we can offer you an excellent base for learning and developing. And they would love the chance to show you what the job entails.

We are an approved work placement company and can offer options at all levels. Would you like to use your knowledge to help Meldon develop further, and learn from Meldon at the same time?

Are you looking for a fun, and especially instructive, work placement? Then you have come to the right address here at Meldon. Use the contact button below to reply, and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

Training at Meldon